We are an independent team who, in a wide variety of health and wellbeing settings, help achieve embedded quality standards.

Everyone is on their own unique path, and we are here to help you to take the right steps to reach your destination. Whether you wish to:

  • Improve your CQC rating via our diagnostic detailing where your organisation is
  • Evidence your outstanding care
  • Fact find and focus on specific areas of improvement
  • Develop your implementation plan

Follow our 6 key stages and at each stop celebrate your success as you embark on your organisational journey to becoming well led and outstanding.

Our Ethos

Mission - Purpose - Values

Our Mission is to enable organisations to open their well led umbrella and achieve the highest quality rating for their staff, communities and the people they serve.

Our Purpose through our expertise is to provide a series of steps, facilitations, training, and improvement tools, for health and wellbeing services to be the best.

Our Values are rooted in our experience and our passion to guide people in the right direction towards care, integrity and teamwork which are essential components to being outstanding.

Step 1 - Initial Contact

  •  We establish your Objectives & Reasons for seeking our advice.
  • We confirm the  services we can offer to meet your needs.
  • We outline the Well Led Framework process to be followed, including Fact Finding which is necessary to enable us to act in your best interests.

Step 2 - Discovery Meeting

  •  We gather details of your circumstances,  including your goals, aspirations,  objectives and identify any constraints on the solution to be provided.


Step 3 - Research

  •  We obtain information on any existing plans you have, analyse these plans against your goals and existing CQC rating.
  • We devise a solution.

Step 4 - Recommendations

  • We provide a written report summary of our recommendations and rationale.
  • We present our recommendations to you and plan how best to implement them.

Step 5 - Implementation

  • We support the implementation of the agreed action with you.
  • We set up the well led framework.
  • We provide a written summary of our recommendations and reasoning.

Step 6 - Review

  •  We meet and/or speak at agreed points to review performance against your initial objectives.  
  • We consider whether any changes to your plan are necessary.


The Challenge faced by the healthcare organisation:

The healthcare organisation required support to improve their overall CQC inspection rating which was requires improvement.
Their well led domain was  inadequate and they needed to improve their understanding of the quality standards that supported outstanding for patient care.
Our team set about devising a solution to support the organisation on their road2outstanding.

Firstly an Engagement plan was created for the whole hospital.

There were themes identified and a gap analysis developed.  Our team used a range of innovative and specific tools which were provided to support planning. A bespoke training framework was developed to understand requirements.

The framework was used to encourage shared learning. A network of experts by experience was set up for review, pre-inspection preparation  and to support the demonstration of being well led.

The results were shared across the whole organisation.

The organisation became the first to initiate specific partnerships and create long term alliances which were nationally recognised. They had implemented new ways of working and processes that streamlined patient care. There was an ongoing system of review and support. Tools implemented quickly identified where ongoing and further long term support was required. Patient experience improved as a result.

The organisation achieved at re-inspection a report rating which moved the organisation from inadequate to good with a specific organisational goal achieved of obtaining good for their well led.

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